SAT Prep Courses in Kuala Lumpur

SAT Preparation in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

If you’re looking for success on the SAT in Kuala Lumpur, you've come to the right place. Manhattan Review has a proven track record of success for Kuala Lumpur students seeking top scores. With our specialized services, you can access exactly what you'll need to ace this standardized exam with a top-percentile score. Higher SAT scores deliver stronger acceptance rates to top colleges and universities.

Begin your higher education journey with a bang by submitting the most competitive college applications. We have helped students get into the best schools in major cities around the world. We have worked with thousands of students, encompassing diverse learning style, to meet and exceed their expectations. No matter what your learning pace, we have a program that can be customized to meet your unique needs.

You can choose full-length classroom courses to get the most advanced course syllabus for the SAT. We have deconstructed the exam so you don't have to waste any of your limited study time. Especially for high school students, it is invaluable to make test prep as efficient and effective as possible while managing a full course load curriculum.

For parents encouraging their teens to boost scores, our private tutoring services may be the most appealing option. Invest in the one-on-one attention and guidance of a private SAT tutor in Kuala Lumpur. Our tutors are highly educated and experienced; many have traveled the world, broadening their horizons and expanding their resumes. Our tutors are impeccable resources for test prep, college admissions, and formulating a goal-oriented game plan for success.

In Kuala Lumpur, students can gain an early competitive advantage in a prime financial and commercial arena. Kuala Lumpur boasts the highest literacy rate in all of Malaysia, and has some of the best institutions of higher education, as well. Universiti Malaya, Universiti Tekologi Malaysia International Business School, International Islamic University Malaysia, International Medical University, Wawasan Open University and Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman are all part of a stunning list of area schools. Get your foot in the door at Kuala Lumpur schools and at higher learning facilities around the world.

Get the SAT help you need to strengthen your scores in Verbal, Math, and Writing. By getting the highest SAT score you can, you are preparing your future for the best Kuala Lumpur has to offer.

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Meet a Kuala Lumpur SAT Tutor: Hayati A.

Hayati is among the elite few who can boast a perfect SAT score. She remembers setting aside one hour to study each day before the big testing day, beginning several months in advance of the actual date. She took a hefty stack of SAT practice tests, and she used study tests and tutoring services. She also took the exam three times before landing this best percentile placement. Hayati understands exactly how the SAT works because she has been there, worked through the process, and interacted with standardized exams from a number of angles. Hayati graduated from Universiti Malaya, where she studied Philosophy and Psychology. She pursued her education in Psychology by getting her Master's at Harvard University.

At Harvard she crossed paths with a young Nuclear Science & Engineering major. By the time she graduated, they were married. Exciting business opportunities brought Hayati's husband overseas, and he frequently traveled all over Europe and Asia. Then he had the choice of settling in Kuala Lumpur or continuing this nomadic lifestyle. The couple agreed to move to Kuala Lumpur together to start a family. Hayati now has a little boy and currently enrolled in a dual Mandarin program at her alma mater, taking her areas of study to a whole new level of learning. Hayati is a very popular SAT tutor in Kuala Lumpur and will teach you how to surprise yourself with your own SAT scores.